Activities in Poland

During the stay in Poland, students and teachers from partner schools are going to:
- learn the Webquest method and its use in education, including mathematics and implement the Webquest on their own,
- learn about the applications of fractals, learn to recognize them in nature and create them, learn examples of their implementation in a spreadsheet
based on their mathematical description,
- participate in a mathematics lesson prepared with the use of the CLIL method,
- get to know the STEAM method in education during workshops about interesting numbers (egdetermine the PI number using the Bufon needle
- learn the profiles of outstanding Polish mathematicians and their contribution to the development of science (eg Stefan Banach and the Lvov school
of mathematics, the secrets of Enigma) during a visit at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow
- have fun learning maths - for example while playing a mathematical match, learning interesting maths games etc.
Classes in Brzesko are going to show our guests that mathematics is useful, beautiful, inspiring and worth dealing with.
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