Activities in Turkey

During our meeting in Turkey (19th-25th November) we will present: 
-Presentations about schools from each country
-Twinspace, facebook for communication
-The web-site of the project to share all the activities
-Project logo

During the meeting in Turkey students will be able to
-Learn how they use ICT in Maths lesson by using Google classrom and EBA
-See how they solve maths problem by drawing the problem.
-See the way of solving maths prolems with Creative Drama, Mind Games
-Meet Turkish major maths scientists; Cahit Arf, Ali Nesin,Feza Gürsey, Ali Kuşcu, etc.
-Participate in a maths lesson
-Visit to historical places and museum to capture maths subject
-Organize Maths Games, maths' exhibition
During the mobility in Turkey, the participants will learn how use the technological device with wrong ways, share their maths knowledge, The rest
time will be for sharing culture, sightseeing tours and communication on.
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