Our school

Our school is located in a small town – Brzesko near Cracow. The students, aged 16 – 20, come lower or middle social class and live in villages. Majority of them comprise „Euro-orphans” as their parents work a broad. We have 49 years of experience and educates more than 1100 students, the number of employees is 100. We provide our students with technical education in the fields of: construction, land surveying, hotel and gastronomy, electricians, ICT and mechatronics. The rest of our students undergoes vocational education. We are the biggest educational institution and educational centre for our district. In our work we want to use interesting educational methods including projects based and scientific ones which stimulate creativity and innovativeness. The other cause why we would like to join to this project is awareness that for students of technical school mathematics skills are important. What is more we wish to make use of the latest ICT technologies and pay attention to foreign languages learning. The participation in these international projects gave our school the opportunity to gain interesting experience and watch new ideas and methods used abroad. Therefore, we would like to be a part of 'How to feel math?" project in order to share the knowledge and best practices with our project partners and, at the same time, learn something new from them. Our particiaption in the project is going to enable us to share the knowledge and skills concerning method of CLIL, STEAM education and modern IT tools in maths such as geogebra, quizlet, whiteboard, learningapps,ect. It is going to be a great opportunity to develop a new approach of teaching maths or others ubjects, which meets the challenges of the 21st century. In the project are going to be involved English teacher, ITC teacher and two mathematics/ICT teachers. All of them have knowledge of English language and have alredy participated in EU projects. The school leader of the project is going to be a maths and ICT teacher, the author and coordinator of two international projects which resulted in the implementation of CLIL elements with English language as a tool of communication. Within the projects, chosen general and vocational subjects in our school are thaught with using some English. His last eductional project concerns STEAM in education. The choice of these teachers guarantees mutual complementarity in the performance of tasks, and together with emergency situations, these teachers will be replaced by other teachers who have experience in international cooperation.
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