Activities in Romania

During the LTTA in Cluj-Napoca Romania, the students will:
• meet researchers and experience an authentic math-research process in school, with both a theoretical and an applied dimension;
• be encouraged to engage in and learn math by discovering and researching it
• develop their creativity, initiative, critical thinking, problem solving skills, etc.
• be engaged to exchange ideas by working in groups
• learn about non-Euclidian geometry and Bolyai’s contribution to its development (Bolyai is a mathematician who was born in Cluj-Napoca and lived in Transylvania)
• observe patterns in Romanian traditional art
• have fun, learn about math games in partner countries and enjoy playing math games.
During the Learning Activity, mathematics research topics will be launched by professional researchers. International student groups (3-4 students from different countries), choose one of the proposed problems and do research work to solve it. The students have to organize their work, identify the resources (strategies, knowledge, experience, equipment, software, materials); decide how the resources will be used for building and maintaining a shared understanding of the task and its solutions. The students’ activity is facilitated by the teacher. A professional math researcher will participate in one of the workshops and will meet with the students in order to discuss the students’ research work and the methodology of math scientific research.
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