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Colegiul National Emil Racoviţă (CNER) is situated in Cluj-Napoca, a city located in Transylvania. It has been established in 1919 and it is one of the oldest and most outstanding schools in the town, specialized in mathematics-computer science and natural sciences profiles, with some intensive study of English classes. Our schools tradition sets a high standard for the students. The quality of the teachers and their commitment contribute actively to the promotion of culture and education. All the teachers are looking for new ways of using their experience and for improving the educational process as well as the involvement of the school in the community, changing the role of the school in the society. In our school, there are 1030 students, learning in - 12 high-school classes with a theoretical academic program specializations: mathematics and computing science, natural sciences, - 9 lower secondary-school classes, - 16 primary-school classes, and 67 highly qualified teachers. The school promotes the identification and the development of each student's skills to enable him/ her to choose his/ hers most appropriate future and to adapt to a dynamic society. In the last years, the school community's efforts have targeted the quality of education offered to each student. The strategic targets of our school for 2015-2020 are linked to the use of interactive, student-centered teaching methodologies for developing students key competences and thinking skills, and the provision of European citizenship education and development of students transversal skills through partnership projects with European schools and through transdisciplinary teaching approaches. The How to feel the maths project will support us in reaching the schools strategic targets. The CNER project team will include: Ariana-Stanca Vacaretu mathematics teacher, with extensive managerial experience in education and training programmes and projects. Ariana is a Scientix Ambassador, a highly-experienced trainer, training coordinator, and M&E expert. She has worked for six national level educational projects in Romania and 22 European partnership projects, many of which she has managed (e.g.: Learning math and languages through research and cooperation). She is responsible with the international cooperation in our school. Our expertise and experience lies, mainly, in the development of MATh.en.JEANS (MeJ) workshops. Since 2013, CNER has started the implementation of math research workshops for high-school students. These workshops encourage the students to engage in and eventually learn math by discovering and researching it. The MeJ workshop develops students creativity, initiative, critical thinking, problem solving skills, etc., and gives students the chance to exchange ideas by working in groups both within their MeJ workshop and with students from a different MeJ workshop. The inquiry-based learning. (IBL)

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