Our school

Hadiye Kuradaci Science and Arts Centre started to provide education in 2015-2016 in Tarsus, Mersin province. Our school provides a special type of education for the gifted students who are selected by various tests such as Assist IQ test, teacher observations and group assessments. The number of staff consists of 15 teachers and 1 school counselor and we have 143 gifted students between the ages of 7-17. There are classes such as Robotics and Coding, Maths, Science, Creative Drama, Mind Games and Foreign Languages which aim to improve the students’ creativity, analytical thinking, critical thinking, competency in foreign languages and digital competences. The students start the school at 2nd grade and carry on until they graduate from high school. The education system is divided into 5 categories as Integration Program, Support Classes, Distinguishing Individual Skills, Improving Special Talents (Arts and Music classes) and the last level is Project Classes. Our institution is a school which focuses on project-based learning as it was founded in the aim of providing students alternative ways of learning techniques. For this reason, our staff has experience in local, national and international projects.They have been sharing their experiences with the rest of the staff, so this experience enabled us to gain the knowledge regarding implementation and management of an Erasmus project and how to work collaboratively with a team spirit. Our headmaster Emine Özdemir, is experienced in projects, has developed herself in her branch, open to innovations, productive, gives importance to project on the way of our school's vision and mission, has experience of travelling abroad, and she is a good leader who completed ' Providing the Competence of Robotics Training for Genius Students’ project successfully Erasmus+ KA1 in 2017 . Our contact person Erhan Onan; is a postgraduate student at Çukurova University in Chemist field. He has a membership in Turna system and e-Twinning portal. He has competence in using computerand internet. He was the contact person his ex school project that is called ' Lifelong MATHS'. He is also contact person for an Earsmus+ KA105 Youth exchange project that is called 'Global Peace with Folk Dance and Music. He directed his ex schools Comenius project successfully (The European Job Market between 2009-2011). He joined to 1. CERN Turkish teachers Seminar in February 2014, joined to TUBİTAK seminars 2011-2013. The student he educated became 61. in TUBİTAK Chemistry Olympia in 2011 in Turkey and 3. in Mediterranean Region. He knows Europe culture, has abroad experience, and entrepreneur, and he wants to learn new teaching methods and apply them.
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