Our school

Stara Zagora

Secondary school “Ivan Vazov” Stara Zagora is inheritor of the oldest school in our town.Our school

is one of the biggest and the best in the region; there are about 800 students, of both sexes, aged 5-18. There are many very talented students as well as those with problems and special needs.

Students at our school do English, German, French and Russian. The main foreign language which is taught here is English. We have students from pre-school to 12th grade, all accounting to around

800. The Erasmus+ project will contribute to this development and will offer motivating opportunities

and new stimuli to study and the students will have a chance to compare educational methods that

other countries have. The Erasmus partnership offers our school an ideal setting for creation between the teachers and the students that participate in the project. With this project our students will be able to increase their motivation to know more about other education system, to improve their communication skills ,their ICT and maths skills. Teachers will be able to share experience with the colleagues, discuss and compare the educational systems, the school rules and life. Mrs Milena Palazova - English teacher and Mr Dinko Tsvyatkov-Maths teacher is going to be the key people in charge.If they leave the project the headteacher of the school will designate other teachers who will continue to work on the project. One of the main ideas is the education of the European citizenship through the participation on this program and exchanging ideas with other students of European Union. A contact with other schools is of great interest for them. They will see that there are similarities with other youth in the European Union. Exchange the knowledge will be one of the points we give attention in our cooperation. Working with students on European projects opens their minds and widen their horizons. The project would provide our pupils valuable knowledge based on their contact with other cultures, accompanied with diverse personal and social skills that would prove absolutely beneficial for them and the people around them in every setting (family, work, community). Our teachers would also gain from the participation in a project of this scale, exchanging pedagogies, ideas and experiences, enhancing their personal and professional horizons, enriching their lives! Mrs. Milena Palazova, a senior teacher in English has the experience in the organisation of 4 projects based on the program "Comenius". Mr. Dinko Tsvyatkov, main teacher in Maths has the experience in using dynamic software in math classes. In his classes, he uses the shared experience from his colleagues from the seminars on the European projects: Fibonacci, Mascil, KeyKoMath, Scientix. He has a written article in the collection of articles on the KeyCoMath project.

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